SNSD at LG Cinema 3D Festival

SNSD Korean

On April 7th, the girls performed at the LG Cinema 3D Festival.  Check out the conversation they had with the host (above) plus their performance and lots of pictures under the cut!

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SNSD makes history again!

SNSD Korean the first KPop group ever to appear on Jounetsu Tairiku! Jounetsu Tairiku is a Japanese show that documents unique individuals’ lives for around 100 days. For SNSD though, this will be one special episode that shows their work off stage and off camera, including their rehearsals and training. Prepare to see our hard-working, energetic girls in a new light after watching this documentary program!

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Wubaddi Wub Wub I Got A Boy~

SNSD Korean

I Got A Boy promotions may be over for SNSD however their song lives on. It’s as if I Got A Boy isn’t heavy enough with the addictive beat, Aeria Creations, a youtuber who’s known for remixing many kpop songs including many of SNSD’s past songs, release an even more heavy beated dubstep remix of I Got A Boy. Keeping the original theme of 9 different songs in one while adding a catchy wuuub-wuuub, he pulls this remix off in a clever yet original way that will surely make it once more an addictive song.

Ooooooooooooor……. if you prefer the none dubby remix and want to stick with the original SNSD song, well that’s OK too! You can also enjoy that here too. FunkyFlapjacks, promoting their song once again:

Source: Aeria Creations, SMTownOfficial youtube

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